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The collections and the online catalog

The collections of the National Museum in Krakow number almost 780,000 objects. Of these over 300,000 belong to the collection of the Princes Czartoryski Museum and Library which is managed by the National Museum in Krakow. The core of the collection is Polish art (painting, sculpture, drawing, decorative art), though there are also numerous western European works, a collection of religious art related to the Orthodox Church, and an extremely valuable collection of oriental art, mainly from Japan. Besides works of art the Museum also owns library collections (including old prints, manuscripts and cartography), numismatics and old photographs.

The online catalog contains actually 131947 exhibits and 105904 multimedia files. Eventually it will consist information and multimedia describing the full set of exhibits owned or managed by the National Museum in Krakow. Collection of the National Museum in Krakow is one of the largest in the country. Due to its magnitude, not all artworks are currently available in this database. Moreover, the descriptions of many items may be not translated or in some cases incomplete. The content of the database will nevertheless be constantly amended due to ongoing research. If you find any errors or flaws please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Please visit also our other catalogs: Library of the National Museum in Krakow and The Princes Czartoryski Library.